I’m sharing this?

1 09 2011

What the hell! on her little gecko face....

From my Only in Mexico department.

I wasn’t planning to share this on my blog. But we’re friends, right?

(One of my male acquaintances once used this line ~  I digress.)

And, I’ll preface with I love geckos! Yes, they leave little gecko droppings here-and-there. Yet they eat mosquitoes and other unsavory flying, biting things. So in my opinion, they’re fine housemates.

But….the other day, I’m sitting on the toilet. My mind’s wandering, thinking about Various Other Things. Certainly not thinking about geckos. As I absentmindedly reach for paper, a terrified gecko leaps out of the toilet paper roll, over my lap, onto the edge of the tub. Turns back to glare at me with a What the Hell? look on her little gecko face.

Needless to say (if I hadn’t already), I would have peed my pants!

And, for Inquiring Minds: No, I did not have my camera with me at the toilet. I found a Previous Gecko Photo to include for dramatic emphasis.



4 responses

1 09 2011
Dan Fauchier

You encountered the rare Peeping Gecko, distant cousin to the Insurance Company Spokesgecko.


1 09 2011
Peter Pope Jones

As I mentioned before dear heart, now you know where nice little house trained Geckos go to Potty? Which is why we never find too much Gecko Poop, we never ever check the inside of our bathroom tissue rolls when we throw them away, or do you?


5 09 2011
Charles Blizard

She was probably unprepared for the ineruption.


13 10 2015


I’m sharing this? | ¡La Vida Es Rica! ~ Life is Delicious!


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