So ~ Who Won?

12 07 2011

For those of you holding your breath since my blog about the Wall of Shame and Puerto Morelos’ mayoral election  ~ for those of you losing sleep ~ frantically

“Who Won?!”

 Your wait will be just a tad longer.

Yes. My man  Manuel ~ Mr. Lavender ~ got the most votes.

And as a sidebar:

Little did I know that lavender was so important.

Mexico has such a high rate of illiteracy that the voting form includes a specific color beside the candidate’s name. For this election,  our choices were Brown, Pink, and Lavender.

There were, however, a few slight irregularities.

As in busloads of people from Cancun arriving with forged Voting Cards.

A group of us were enjoying Sunday Brunch Bunch at John Gray’s when Frank called that he was delayed in traffic. (Traffic jams in Puerto Morelos?) We blamed it on the triathlon held that day. But, no. It was an Uprising of The People, protesting the election.

And speaking of indiscretions.

My own Mr. Lavender produced a flyer featuring a photo of the favored candidate, Rodrigo. Printed on lavender paper.

Now, we’re not naming names, pointing fingers, or erecting yet another Wall of Shame ~ but our election was declared Invalid.

So, come December ~ we can look forward to more rallies, singing trucks, flapping banners, a weekend of no alcohol, and perhaps, lavender flyers.

Tally of Votes



3 responses

12 07 2011

So Mexico…..!!!! Thanks for the update!


12 07 2011
Ed Murphy

Great stuff Mary , Canada needs a little elctorial shennanigans like this to spice things up


16 07 2011
Charles Blizard

What a surprise!


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