Piggin’ Out on Sausage ~ Salc-ccia

4 01 2012

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Comfortable Sigh.

After sleeping nearly 30 hours straight (ask daughter Jessica and hubby John who had to fend for themselves during my long siesta ~ however, I understand they didn’t seriously suffer ~ eating guac and sipping frosty cervezas with their toes in the sand), I’m finally settling back into my Puerto Morelos home and the routine of a non-routine.

Lotsa changes since I was here briefly in October, not least of which are new restaurants ~ including several in La Colonia. Thus ~ someone has to do it? After frequenting my standby faves such as Cantina Habenaro for vino tinto and papas fritos, La Oazis for Shrimp Sambuca, Papas y Café for potato casseroles and to-die-for mole sauce, the place with no name and red tables across from the hammock shop for chilaquiles, and the other place with no name and red tables in La Colonia for tinga tostados ~  the time was right to venture out.

Salc-ccia is a tidy, clean, and most unassuming place in an even more unlikely location: behind the gas pumps at the Pemex Station.


Sausage ~ a choice of German Sausage, Argentinian Sausage, Yucatan Chorizo, Spanish Chistorra, Breakfast Sausage, Chicken Sausage, or Spicy Morrocan Beef Merguez. Sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes, “secret sauce,” grilled or Mexican-limon onions, dill pickles, with a plethora of additional sauce choices. Their refrescos and cervezas had to be the coldest ever, floating tiny shards of ice.

And, if fresh-baked bread and tasty real-meat sausage weren’t enough? The price for this nearly-foot-long taste sensation? Twenty pesos (about $1.50). Next time I may try the homemade corn tortillas. But today? German sausage and caramelized onions on a fresh baguette ~ mmmmm!

Salc-ccia, open only three weeks, is the first retail outlet of Embutidos del Camino, the sausage factory located on Cenote Road which supplies many of the resorts and restaurants along the Riviera Maya. In addition to sandwiches, Salc-ccia also sells meat by the kilo for grilling at home.

After today’s pig-out on sausage ~ perhaps tomorrow I’ll try the new vegan taco place where the hardware store used to be, or Govindas with its 58-peso organic lunch, or maybe La Luna Llena, or….



7 responses

4 01 2012

Looks evil! 🙂 John will be jealous that he’s here and not there to partake.


4 01 2012

My mouth is watering! Can’t wait to explore again.


5 01 2012

good to have you back here making my mouth water! i’ll go on an eating adventure with you anytime!


5 01 2012

OMG indeed – we thought this was some sort of office…..LOL We LOVE the sausages from the Cenote Road place, so will definitely go to this one now…!! And you MUST try La Luna Llena in Villas 1 – French baked baguettes, homemade pasta and even CREPES!!


5 01 2012

Yum. Glad you are writing AND EATING again. Love it. Can’t wait to visit.


9 01 2012
Charles Blizard

Makes one wish they were with you to try these places.


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