En recuerdo de mi amigo, Ed Hoffman

21 01 2011

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For me, as for many Puerto Morelians, this village was love at first sight. Except! — that gaudy florescent-blue monstrosity on Rojo Gomez –how does that place stay in business?

Little did I know that this ticky-tacky dilapidated bar – oops — restaurant! — with its crabby owner would become my social oasis in Puerto Morelos — my Safe Haven and regular hangout – my favorite spot for a glass of vino tinto and easy conversation, fluffy to philosophical….

Simply a safe stroll –except, perhaps, for careening taxis – down the middle of the street, during day or after midnight — High season ripe with tourists (fresh blood for Ed’s old jokes) or summer sultry with only a few Locals swatting mosquitoes…. And Ed – center of it all. loveable curmudgeon but quick with a welcoming smile: “Hey – this is your table!” “Too bad – we’re open!” Best mojitos in town!” “Try the mango margs!” “We’ve got ribs tonight – Did the recipe myself!” “Band starts in 30 minutes!”

Those in my Other Lifetime knew me as corporate, structured, ultra-organized. After retirement, discovering Puerto Morelos, and some rough years, I fell in love –in love with Life – – releasing my how-old-would-you-be-if-you-didn’t-know-how-old-you-were alter ego with short skirts, old time rock ‘n roll, heavy metal, and dance-dance-dance! And a major catalyst for that transformation was Ed Hoffman, the friends he brought together, and the magnificent moments he created at Cantina Habenaro.

Ed will always have a special place in my heart as well as in the hearts of the many thousands more who smile when they remember “their special night” at Cantina Habenaro with that Crazy Ed – and dancing to Vertigo 777 or enjoying Mark Mulligan or The One-Man-Band-with-Speakers-in-his-Pants – or performers Jan or Don or Bob – and they remember who they were with – and how bright were the stars that night….

Jessily and Jeremy will know their daddy was loved, but fully embracing the magnitude of that love will be a challenge  – the vast number of  souls their daddy touched and the difference he made, the joy he brought – to the lives of so many people throughout the world – simply by being “Ed” and creating the atmosphere – the community – the family – of Cantina Habenaro.

As grumpy as he could sometimes be, Ed Hoffman was my dear friend. I miss him at the end of the bar, but in my heart I’m embracing him in a golden light of love – along, of course, with a poof from his vile  fake-smoke machine– and visualizing him within the brilliant crystal blue skies of Puerto Morelos. And I know that whenever I need a smile, I can visit my heart and bring back the magical memories created by mi amigo Ed Hoffman at Cantina Habenaro….

Thank you, Ed….You made my life a little brighter.



5 responses

21 01 2011
Lois Velasco

Beautiful, Mary, and I know Ed would have a smart remark about it but we, who enjoyed his acerbic humor, would grin!


21 01 2011

This lovely tribute sums Ed up for all of us. Thank you, Mary, for your eloquent words.


21 01 2011
Brenda Mackay

Beautifully said Mary. I always looked forward to hanging out at “Slow Food” and joking around with Ed whenever I am in Puerto Morelos- I too will miss seeing him at the end of the bar. Thanks for all the great pics.


30 01 2011
Susan Harrison

What a beautiful and touching tribute to the man Ed was and his legacy. I know his wise-guy remark would be dim next to the smile and light in his eyes if he were reading this. His children will treasure these fantastic photos, too, in the years to come. I know you miss him dearly.


15 12 2011

Thank you for the great pictures of Ed. He was also my dear freind. I have just returned and am finding it hard to be at Habineros without him there, but your words have helped. His spirit will live forever in all of our hearts.


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