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3 08 2010

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This blog has morphed into more of the “weird and wonderful” than “the food” of Puerto Morelos – and having been in “immersed” in Merida studying español for three weeks, I now, more than ever, appreciate my home’s eccentricities…. Merida is hot, beautiful, and historic (did I mention hot?).  A lovely family shared their lives with me during these weeks, so I didn’t realize how much I missed Puerto Morelos ‘till I returned. The sight of the Puerto Morelos water takes my breath away! And yes, it’s hot here, too.

My amigos here say the only changes are that more and more locals and seasonal residents are vacationing in cooler climes. Having been gone, however, I see some wonderful additions to our village and The Colonia.

 After three weeks of Spanish study, I learned how much I don’t know – – yet it’s a start – poco y poco, as they say – and I’m determined. So my first day back included a visit to The Colonia, not only for fresh-squeezed orange juice and guacamole makings, but also a little practice in hablando español ….

 One thing hasn’t changed – the potholes – well, perhaps they’re a bit larger and deeper. But I discovered a delightful new tienda specializing in locally created clothing and art. The owner and seamstress will greet you, and next visit, I’m getting a cool beach cover-up. But on this first visit, I couldn’t resist a delightful child’s purse and two mermaids created by Aleandra. (I’m a sucker for mermaids as well as local art – my condo is filled with works by Ale, Susan Harrison, Daryl Eady, and Heidi.)  

And my favorite fruit-and-vegetable mercado, La  Merced, has expanded its offerings – an in-house kitchen and bakery.  I discovered that it pays to speak Spanish, even as poorly as I do –Gabriela, bagging groceries, pulled out chips and a sample of her salsa verde – and then a complimentary sweet bun – so I came home with snacks and tomorrow’s breakfast!

Then a stop at my favorite tortilleria – thick and warm — not quite as good as the cooked-over-the-open-fire ones by my Jungle Spa amigas – but way-better than the average tortilla!

And – – who says nothing’s changed?! – Neon green cardboard at street corners – Vente de Garage — a garage sale in Puerto Morelos?! Gotta check that out – my treasure: three DVDs with the Spanish subtitle option — only 50 pesos!! A fun way to continue my education.

And the delightful empanada place in the lot next to the police station – as far as I can tell, it still has no name – has upgraded its signage – still the same wonderful food at more-than-reasonable prices, however.

Have been craving Cantina Habenaro’s pizza and Ed’s famous fries  – I satisfied the pizza craving Friday night while enjoying Vertigo 777.  If you like muy picante, ask for the Mary Special –pizza with all their fresh veggies including habenaros and pepperoni. Tonight –papas fritos!

For lunch, I finally tried hard-shell tacos at JJ’s Kitchen –and now see why everyone’s raving about them. They were even better with the homemade habenaro sauce. And Ed gave me a generous test-try of BBQ ribs with homemade chipotle sauce. I’m convinced – returning to JJ’s – often.

 My current-favorite word in español – “naco.” So what is naco? Actually, even in English, there’s not really a definition for “tacky,” you just know it when you see it. Today, Ed was saying that he works hard at what he does – “It’s not easy being cheesy.” So to experience the ultimate in naco – tacky – “friend” Cantina Habenaro or JJ’s Kitchen on Facebook.  Naco! And, if you’re even slightly twisted — way-fun!

 And a reminder – a stop sign in Mexico:  merely a suggestion.

 I mentioned to someone that I’m getting a bicycle, as sometimes I’m in a hurry.  Does anyone else think that’s funny?! “Hurry” — “maybe I’ll get a bicycle”….jajaja (that’s español for hahaha) Smile.

Perhaps my next Blog update: Things I love about Puerto Morelos….



7 responses

3 08 2010
Susan Harrison

Love it Mary! Makes me wish I were home, eating and enjoying life in the place I love best.


3 08 2010
Kathy Hughes

Love your blog Mary. Keep writing!!


3 08 2010
Edward Murphy

That does it I am definitely coming down for a quick visit in September ; all that new stuff to check out . Thx Mary


3 08 2010

Glad you are enjoying being home in PM. Can’t wait to see the new places in our hood, as we live in Villas Morelos 1.


4 08 2010
Brenda Mackay

Everytime I read your blog I get homesick for Puerto Morelos. I can’t wait until I am back. Thanks for keeping us updated and see you in October!


5 08 2010

as always you make PM sound wonderful as it is. Happy for your enjoyment.


15 08 2010
Tim Duprey

Great blog, Mary. I love the parts about The Colonia, nice to hear their shops are doing well and a new pastery shop to boot. Thanks for keeping us up on what’s happening in PM


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