When Life Flows….

5 12 2014

When one manifests Joy, life flows — flow with it.

Beach Sunrise3

My Love and I are now happily creating lives together in Guanajuato — a delightful 500-year-old city in the mountains of central Mexico. Thus, as delightful as it has been –the time is right to release my beach condo and the life I created in Puerto Morelos on the Riviera Maya of Quintana Roo.

So. Following an afternoon of camaraderie on the beach, I’m meeting with my friend and Realtor, Kim Temple, to list my condo-home. Kim looks and is, very Professional. Business-like. Somewhat serious. Explaining procedures — when Jenine, a friend from the beach afternoon, knocks on the open door – “Mary? You here? Robert and I just met these people who are looking for a place to buy in Puerto Morelos. Can we come in?” Of course.

With great flair, enter Robert, Jenine, their two new friends Sandra and Tony – originally from Belize and now from Washington state – along with their taxi driver Cesar – all enjoying beers. Being out of beer, we break out wine. Jenine is enthusiastic and animated — showing, describing, sales-pitching my condo – ousting our friends Steve and Nelly from the guest bedroom. They join the party.



Admist the pandemonium, washing machine repairmen arrive.


Noisy, joyful, chaos ensues.

Poor Kim.

We decide to meet tomorrow – papers so far unsigned. Kim leaves.

The party continues. More wine. The taxi driver does a Beer Run. Music with Peter on guitar, Robert on harmonica. Stories. Laughter.



As our new friends get up to leave, Tony collapses.

Oh my.

Too much partying throughout the day?

He’s dragged/carried to the couch for TLC, ice pack, and water.



The party continues. Tony recovers.

The party morphs to El Bistro for homemade Italian.




Did the condo sell?

Not yet.

But it will — with joy, ease, and grace.


When one manifests Joy, life flows — flow with it.



4 responses

5 12 2014

Mary You are such an inspiration to me. At 68 I’m beginning a new phase in my life…..solo. Freedom !!!!!

So wish I knew how to embrace the fullness of life such as you have. Through you, I know it is possible

Cynthia Thomas Broker/Assoc, Century 21 The Hills Kerrville,Tx Phone. 830-377-7468 Fax. 830257-5069



5 12 2014
Mary Jordan

Wow. Cynthia — you are definitely embracing life to its fullest. Gotta have lows to have the Super Highs — then keep life there. At 68, I’m beginning yet another new phase in my life….Not Solo. Thanks for the kind words. Huge hugs


5 12 2014
Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Spontaneity in all its glory! I have no doubt that your condo will sell quickly!


8 12 2014
Susan Martin

Wow!! Mary starting a new life!!! That’s for me too, just came back from Macchu Picchu Peru, 1 off the bucket list.
I’m also selling my home in PM the time has come for me too to let go of my beautiful home.
Wishing you all the very best and I know your condo will sell


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