Energy Conservation Awareness

16 02 2010

According to large posters around town, Carnival was to begin at 7:00 in The Square….complete with a beauty contest and crowning of Princess Puerto Morelos – young girls in ball gowns. A Must-Attend event!

 There’s a massive stage on the basketball court, yet by nearly 7:00, it doesn’t look as if any major production is happening soon. The area, however, is filled with parents strapping stilts onto children’s legs and helping with elaborate costumes. Not sure what happened to Carnival, but I hear that the elementary children will perform and hand out flyers to promote the upcoming School Benefit Musical. I notice a few random, hand-made posters about Energy Awareness.

 So – kids are milling, parents are hovering, and a few of us are seated on the bleachers… at 7:00 pm, the lights — go out! In the infinite wisdom of the planners, the performance coincides with International Energy Conservation Awareness Hour – and the show goes on in the dark – Children high-stepping in stilts, brochures in hand, but distributed only to each other because the tourists, now nervous, have disappeared – and I’m on the bleachers laughing laughing laughing – where else but Puerto Morelos….

 I love this town.