A Magical Zack Experience

11 04 2010

Zack singing with Maribelle and his mom, last year about this time....

 Anyone who lives in or has visited Puerto Morelos probably knows Rosy (Juicy Rosy’s Juice Bar) and her delightful son Zack who lives with several challenges, one of which is blindness….

 We all know how much Zack enjoys music, and he was at Hotel Posada Amor with his mom last Thursday listening to a local band. I was wearing oil of lavender as an attempt to ward off mosquitoes as well as a sarong skirt sporting a mariposa/butterfly motif. Zack and I hugged, with me chatting —  Hola, Zack  ~ Buenas noches ~ ¿cómo estás?  In usual Zack-style, when he is pleased he begins to sway and smile and speak — and this evening, saying more to himself than to anyone else:  Flores ~ mariposas ~mariposas ~ muy mariposas….

 If only we could all be as special as Zack….



One response

1 09 2011

Great blog, M J. Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. when Lois and i come to PM for our annual “girls time-out/snorkel vacation”.
See you then.


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