Special Desserts – Where to get them

7 04 2010

Fresh coconut flan by Susan Harrison

Homemade caramel topping

 We’re on vacation – or living here in paradise – and sometimes want a special dessert yet hate to heat up the kitchen or forego beach-time– and let’s not even discuss the random nature of ovens here….

 The posting on Shangai Pizza featuresTres Leche Cake, yet Puerto Morelos has other magnificent options….

 Coconut Flan

Susan Harrison at 801 Avenue Ninos Heroes has perfected a recipe for Fresh Coconut Flan with homemade caramel — and I’m grateful to have been part of her rigorous taste-tests (the sacrifices I make for my readers!). Susan now takes custom orders for this creamy, caramel-drizzled deliciously sinful treat created with organic sugar, Mexican vanilla, and coconut from her own tree (thanks, Frederick, for the deft machete action!). Contact her via cell at 998 218 4135. And be sure to check out her original arts and textiles….www.shouldertoshoulder.net/

 From-Scratch Cakes

Diane at Mama’s Bakery on Avenue Rojo Gomez creates yummy from-scratch cakes and desserts. For various family birthdays, I’ve personally enjoyed her carrot cake with the traditional cream-cheese frosting yet wonderfully different caramel-coconut filling as well as her banana rum bundt cake. Other offerings include coconut cake with lemon curd filling, praline, fresh apple, orange with orange curd filling, apple coffee cake – – basically, whatever-you-can-imagine. Daily, she also makes fresh yeast-breads (don’t miss her amazing flax-seed bread), sticky buns, muffins, scones, and brownies.  Join her for breakfast or lunch. Her cell is 998 845 6810.

 Ice Cream

Puerto Morelos also has two ice cream shops which sell in-bulk – There’s one in the “mall” by the grocery and another across The Square beside Alma Libre Book Store.

 Anyone knowing of other take-home desserts, let me know!



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7 04 2010

I can vouch for that coconut flan — delicious!


7 12 2022

Hii thanks for posting this


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